Update from December

Christmas Decorations!! We had so much fun this Christmas decorating our home. It made our house not seem so bare. My sister's family cut down our christmas tree for us. It was tall and beautiful.


Mike made these stockings for us our first year of marriage. We didn't quite get around to making one for Joshua.


My little Peruvian nativity. Oh how I miss that place.

Joshua took his first steps and got his first tooth in the second week of December at ten and a half months. I'm sure he was excited to finally get a tooth so he didn't have to gum his food as much.

Joshua entertaining us by playing his favorite Christmas carols

Christmas morning we were up way before Joshua just waiting for him to wake up. He dug right into his presents as if he knew exactly what to do. He tore off the wrapping paper from every single present. Grandmas sure knew just the right toys to get him. He loves them all!



Abby Rae said...

Wow, your tree was beautiful! That's cute that Mike made your stockings :) What a handyman...

Rochelle said...

Beautiful decorations. Are we looking at the next Mozart! I try to get Elijah to play the keys, but he gets frustrated. Don't think 5 month olds think the piano is cool yet. Love the pics!

Mike and Brit said...

Your house looks so festive and fun! It looks like you guys are busy like always and doing great! We miss hanging out all the time. And Joshua is getting so big! Keep us updated! I will make sure that we give you a call next time we are in Burley!