What a trooper

Joshua loved trying to Ski. He really did a great job and never complained. They only time he complained is when we took him inside. He could have skied all day.


We had a great time celebrating Joshua and Abrams birthdays. These two were born only a day apart. We started the day off by letting Joshua open his birthday gift a marble set then we let them play at McDonalds on the toys and then we all went bowling. Bowling was a hit. It was the favorite event of the day.

Roxy At 2 months

 This girl loves to smile, she'll give you a great big smile the minute she gets eye contact with you
 Look at all that hair, she does have a nice little bald spot in the back

Joshua Moments

 Joshua loves stuff animals he really does sleep with all these animals which include, a big bear, little bear, a lamb, and frog.
 He's ready to go!!
                    The other day Mike and I were getting ready to go teach dance for a church activity we were both so involved in getting ready that in the mean time Joshua reach his little hand into my make-up drawer and got himself ready with my lipstick.

Roxy's Blessing

 Roxy was an angel. She sat there so quietly while Mike gave her
    blessing. She is truly a delightful baby.