Road Trip out to Minnesota

Brittany Hoggan and I riding the rocking Dino's at the dinosaur museum.
We traveled with our good friends Brandon and Sarah Ritchie and Mike and Brittany Hoggan whom are all selling with us this summer. Our first stop was Thermopolis, Wyoming. There we found the worlds largest hot springs and a dinosaur fossil museum.
This horse statute was right in the middle of the city of Thermopolis and we couldn't help but climb on top of it and take a picture.
Next stop was Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. There was an awesome museum and fun paths to explore. We enjoyed learning all about the process of constructing Mt. Rushmore.
Then we went through the bad lands National Park in South Dakota. There we grew a new fascination for prairie dogs and a great appreciation for the amazing lime stone mounds that were multi-colored.
On our way out of the Bad Lands we were able to stop at a prairie dog feeding farm.
This was the last stop on our road trip which was in Mitchell, South Dakota where we found the corn palace. All the pictures on the outside of the building are designed out of corn stalks. There are 11 different colors. It was so random but really cool to see.
Finally I am done with finals, done with papers, and done with nursing clinical's. Graduation was April 11 and Elder Ballard gave a wonderful talk about using technology as a tool for missionary work. I will be working again as a nurse in the fall, but for now Mike and I are selling pest control here in Minnesota.
A typical guys night out including Mike, Tim, Nate, and Kam along with hours of analyzing games and no talking. Just one game of Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan lasted up to four hours. They loved it! For us girls we had a better idea of what fun is. For us our night out included carrot face masks, watching the movie enchanted, and painting our toe nails.