Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to take a chance to tell everybody that I am so happy to be in Burley today. Hillary was supposed to work on Christmas Eve (7pm-7am) but she was put on call. What a blessing. We wouldn't have had a place to stay in Idaho Falls, the roads were horrible, and we would have been apart for most of the time. So, the best gift was to be with her and our family. Every Christmas I look back on life to see what I have learned over the past year and I have to say that I learned that the only thing that doesn't change in life is the family you have. Work may change, where you live may change, your weight will definitly change, but family is there forever. So, I am grateful for Hillary and our future baby, followed by our extended family from that point. They have been for me there and I hope to return the favor.


BYU-Idaho Graduation

Mike graduated from BYU-Idaho December 14, 2008 with honors in business management and with an emphasis in marketing.
Mike with Grandma and Grandpa Ramsey
Mike with his mom
I am so proud of Mike and his achievements. He worked so hard in school and got strait A's . He loves business and this last semester of school he took a couple of business internet classes which he absolutely loved. He has decided to start his own online marketing business.
These boys were inseperable during school every thursday night was game night. Each of them have gone off to persue different paths. they are all hard workers and will be successful.