Mike and I had our second anniversary last weekend. I can't believe how time has flown. I am married to the most wonderful person and couldn't be happier. So much has happened in just a short two years. 

Our highlights of our two years of marriage are:
-Honeymoon to Guatemala
-Moved to Rexburg
-Mike and I graduating with our bachelors degrees from BYU Idaho
-Moving to Minnesota for a summer to sell pest control together
-A trip to New York
-Starting a business
-Moving back to Burley
-Building a home
-Having an adorable son join our family

 Life is exciting, this year for our anniversary Mike surprised me by taking me to Las Vegas we had such a fun time. We wondered through all the huge hotels, went swimming, and enjoyed evening entertainment of Le Reve " an awesome aquatic circus show", Phantom of the Opera, and Tournament of the Kings. It was good to get away and have a fun time. The best part was going to listen to a time share pitch and getting free tickets to Phantom of the Opera!! That was my favorite. You can not beat the music and theater for that show. It was absolutely amazing.

Having a great time swimming, Joshua could swim for hours