Thanksgiving Day!!

Our top picture is our family these days. Melissa and Bryce have 2 kids with one on the way, Clayton and Jenna have two kids. The family just keeps getting bigger. On the bottom picture we also had my Uncle Gordy and Brent with their families. Mike Faulman brought two chinese girls with him, and Ansalmo brought a girl from Brazil. I love having get togethers with family. There is never a dull moment together.
This Thanksgiving had a different twist, our usual thanksgiving day family tradition is to go skiing at Pomerelle, but since there is no snow we we decided to do a family project. The project was roofing Mike and I's house, a very tedious task. So the man did manly work while the women were in the kitchen cooking all day.
My beautiful mother holding my nephew Roman
Branson showing off that he's not scared of the steep roof lines.
My sister and I are due 4 days apart. It has been wonderful to have someone to talk to who is in the same stage as I am.


6 Month Prego Shot

I know I am late getting these up but better late than never. I am now moving into my third trimester. I have really enjoyed my second trimester of pregnancy. I wasn't sick, I had energy, and we found out we were having a little boy, and I started feeling his movements. Pregnancy really is a miracle. It's amazing to think I have a baby inside of me. We are getting excited for this next big step in life. We have truly been blessed.
The start of week 29!!

Cooking girls

Here is a portion of the singing babes together again but this time not to sing but to cook some frozen meals. We all grew up together, we are only missing Charlene Blauer who is on a mission in New York.
We each made 3 tins of Lasagna that we could freeze. Rachel shared her moms famous Lasagna recipe. Yummy!


Mike's attempt at a post

Well, This is a first for me, I am actually writing on the blog by myself without Hillary's permission. Crazy I know...I do have a reason though. I have started an e-commerse site for a class I am in and I need to send the link around so people will visit the site. It is called HugeIdahoPotato.com and I am basically selling the "Big" spuds to people all around America. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. -Mikus