Just turned 8 months

During his 7th month of age Joshua learned how to:
  • Climb the stairs
  • Speed crawl
  • Pull himself up and stand on his own 
  • Said his first word "DADA" which made dad really happy
  • Pull things out of drawers, needless to say his is a tornado where ever he is
  • Suck his thumb, he never liked his thumb or binkis but now that he has found his thumb he won't stop sucking it.
  • Learned he doesn't like peas
  • Take bike rides with mom in his bike trailor

The other day Joshua woke up from his nap and his cousins were down stairs playing in a fort they had made. He was so excited he crawled right into the fort and played around with his cousins.

Bath time is Joshua's favorite activities, he could splash around for hours if I would let him.