Swimming at Miracle Hot Springs

We finally found a free saturday evening to take Joshua swimming. Most saturdays are filled with doing house projects. Mike and Bryce worked all day tileing the house while I stained our front door. Then we all rewarded ourself by going swimming at our family's favorite place, Miracle Hot Springs.
My sisters family is growing. Allora is going to be 5 in 2 months. She is my oldest neice. Ezra will be 3 in May. They are so cute. I love being close to my sister. Sisters make the best friends ever. I can't wait to be neighbors.
Abram and Joshua at 10 weeks anxiously waiting to go swimming!
Abram and Joshua getting ready to go swimming. Joshua loves water. When he's in the shower he'll arch his back so the water will run over his head. He's a little fish already.