4th of July

Mike and I went with Mike and Brittany Hoggan to watch the fireworks in St. Paul and Minneapolis. We found a good hill that over looked both of the Twin Cities' fireworks. It was beautiful. I have not been in the United States for the last four 4th of July's. I feel so privileged to be an American. We are so blessed in this country.
Brittany and I decided to do Kabobs for our 4th of July BBQ. We had the meat marinating all day. They were very tasty. We also made a yummy fruit pizza to go along with the Kabobs.
The Mikes hard at work putting together their grills.
The Girls: Brittany Hoggan, Me, Sarah Ritchie, Liz Hoffman, Keri Greer and Jessica.
The Boys: Zack Hoffman, Noel White, Mike Hoggan, Brandon Ritchie, Lucas Handy, Rob Greer, Mark, Ben, and Mike.


June 30th was Mike's birthday and there was only one thing he wanted and that was a Wii, he sure did get it, but it was tough work. Since May he had been looking into buying a Wii and was pushing really hard for me to say it was okay. I put down my foot and told him I didn't think we should buy a Wii because I secretly wanted to buy one for his birthday. I finally got him convinced that I didn't want us to have a Wii. He was so sad, but little did he know there was a Wii hiding at the bottom of the closet. Finally his birthday arrived and I arranged the Wii set on our table. He walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast and there he saw the Wii. I wish I would have recorded his face expression. It was a classic. That was a way fun surprise. I love him to death. He is such a wonderful husband. Later that day everyone from the Pest Control office came over and ate dinner with us. It was a lot of fun.


Jack Johnson Concert

A couple of weeks ago Mike and I got to go to a Jack Johnson concert in Wisconsin. The concert was held at the outdoor amphitheater. There were over 40,000 screaming fans and we happened to be in the center pit with only three rows of people in front of us. We were so close to him that in the middle of his concert Mike punched a beach ball that was being passed around and it hit Jack Johnson right in the face. Jack looked right at Mike and said, "You got me" the rest of what he said is on the video we posted below.