June 30th was Mike's birthday and there was only one thing he wanted and that was a Wii, he sure did get it, but it was tough work. Since May he had been looking into buying a Wii and was pushing really hard for me to say it was okay. I put down my foot and told him I didn't think we should buy a Wii because I secretly wanted to buy one for his birthday. I finally got him convinced that I didn't want us to have a Wii. He was so sad, but little did he know there was a Wii hiding at the bottom of the closet. Finally his birthday arrived and I arranged the Wii set on our table. He walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast and there he saw the Wii. I wish I would have recorded his face expression. It was a classic. That was a way fun surprise. I love him to death. He is such a wonderful husband. Later that day everyone from the Pest Control office came over and ate dinner with us. It was a lot of fun.

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Troy and Brittany said...

Oh how fun! Happy Birthday Mike!!! I love your surprise, Hill. Good work!