One more month and were in!

Looks like we will be in our house in June. Our trim work is almost done and we are just finishing up our tile work. We are pushing to finish the inside so we can move in and then we will focus on the outside. It has been crazy stressful but I know it will be worth it in the end. We could not of done it without the help of family and friends. Thanks a million everyone!
Joshua being entertained by uncle Lucas while we tile.
Family room
I caught a smile!! How adorable


Joshua is 4 months!!!

Joshua's first experience boating wore him out. Mike insisted that
 Joshua ware his cool board shorts, they are Mike's favorite. 
I'm not to sure he really enjoyed his first boating experience. Better luck next time. 
The river was so cold. It still does not feel like summer because of all the 
rain we are getting. It has been the wettest spring that I can remember. 
This month Joshua has really started to become a little more social. 
He is smiling more often but obviously not on demand you have to 
really get it out of him.
He's got some growing to do. I think he has my toes. 
They are still really long. 
He loves to play in grandma and grandpa's waterfall. I had to really hold
 on tight so he wouldn't sit down in the water. 



Joshua loves his grandma's and they love him.
Grandma Cranney can do a really awesome bird whistle that absolutely
fascinates Joshua. Grandma Ramsey gets right down on the floor and could play with 
Joshua for hours. He is a very lucky boy to have such great grandmas!!


Joshua at 3 months

Here is the lastest picture of our house. It is looking more like a house everyday. The other day I was grouting our tile and a little mouse poped out of our cabinet. We already have a mouse problem. Good thing Mike was a pest control guy. I'm sure he'll get ride of the problem.
Josha is already 3 Months. I can't believe it. He has grown so much. This month he has learned to kick off his blankets. The little sticker. The other night I went to check on him and he had kicked off all the blankets and his PJ's had rolled up to his waist exposing his bare legs. He just look up at me and smiled. He has also become way more vocal. Funny story, Joshua and I were cooing back and forth, I also said hi to Joshua. Well Joshua copied the sound I made when I said hi and Mike had been leaning over my shoulder and he said, Joshua just said HI. Well last I checked 3 month old babies don't say hi But there was no convincing Mike otherwise. It was really funny.
Mike is a fabulous father. He amazes me. We haven't seen much of him due to the play we was directing for the high school drama kids and the play he is currently in, and his subsititue teaching for Mr. Call but. I am glad he has been able to share so many of his talents. I love him so much.

He's talking

Beautiful sleeping boy! This is the only time he holds still. Every moment he is awake he is constantly moving.
The other day Joshua was pulling so many funny faces so I had to pull out the camera and take a few pictures.
Here is a little taste of Joshua's attempt to communitate. I love the way he moves his tongue in and out the whole time. It is so cute.