Our little man is Seven Months. Wow time has flown by. Joshua has been such a delight and wonderful addition. 

He's a vacuum

Joshua has mastered crawling this week along with sitting up one his own.  Now that he can move around so well he has become our vacuum cleaner. As he moves across the floor anything and everything goes into his mouth. Well twice this week when Joshua was vacuuming our floor he could not quite swallow what he found and chocked on a small piece of glass and something else from our kitchen floor. I was sooo scary. Now we are going to clean the floor everyday.We can't have that happen again. 
This morning Mike and I were waiting for Joshua to wake up so we could go to church at nine o'clock. We waited and waited and heard nothing and it was 8:50a.m. therefore I sent Mike upstairs to check on him and this is what he found. Joshua was stuck with his legs hanging out of the cribs. It was hilarious and Joshua was perfectly content.



Joshua with Grandma Handy at Lava Hot Springs. Two weekends ago we decided to camp out at Lava with the Handys and it so happened to be a rainy weekend. Everything was soaking wet and it was cold. But the swimming pool was still open on saturday morning and the best thing was there were no lines for the slides or diving boards. We had the pool to ourselves. It was really fun besides the fact we nearly froze anytime we got out of the water. After we were done going on the slides and diving boards we drove over to the hot pools to warm up. Then we finished our adventure with a wonderful Thai Restaurant. YUMMY.

Grandma Craney and Grandma Ramsey took a trip to Yellowstone and they brought back an adorable bear hat and some fun outfits. They love shopping for him. I don't blame them thats why I try to stay away from the baby sections in stores. I don't know what kind of face he is pulling here but we got a good laugh from it.

1st Video:
Mike playing the guitar for Joshua. He absolutely loves it. He gives Mike 100% attention.
2nd Video:
Joshua has discovered that kitchen knobs are pretty tasty! When I'm cooking Joshua is in the corner sucking on the knob.