He's a vacuum

Joshua has mastered crawling this week along with sitting up one his own.  Now that he can move around so well he has become our vacuum cleaner. As he moves across the floor anything and everything goes into his mouth. Well twice this week when Joshua was vacuuming our floor he could not quite swallow what he found and chocked on a small piece of glass and something else from our kitchen floor. I was sooo scary. Now we are going to clean the floor everyday.We can't have that happen again. 
This morning Mike and I were waiting for Joshua to wake up so we could go to church at nine o'clock. We waited and waited and heard nothing and it was 8:50a.m. therefore I sent Mike upstairs to check on him and this is what he found. Joshua was stuck with his legs hanging out of the cribs. It was hilarious and Joshua was perfectly content.


Ritchie Family Blog said...

That is so funny! That is too bad that he choked on a piece of glass... glad to hear that he is ok though! He is a cutie.

Troy and Brittany said...

oh too funny about the crib, but awful about the glass! I would've been freaking out!