JUNE Update 5 months and growing

June has been a crazy month, we have finally moved into our house, before we got completely moved in we had Tiffany's baby shower in our new house. It was loads of fun. We also had a family sleep over and we all slept on the floor in the family room. Joshua has figured out how to pop up on his knees and then he'll belly flop onto his stomach. Nothing is stopping this kid. He wants to move!! He'll be crawling in no time. He has also discovered his vocal cords and has become a screamer. He loves screaming, especially in church.

Also in this month we had the Cranney family reunion. I forgot to take pictures until we were headed out. I think we wore out Joshua. We camped in a tent for three nights, tie dyed shirts, swam in lava hot springs, and floated down the river in a tube. Mike had a rough time staying on the tube which resulted in losing a shoe, watch and lots of battle wounds. We had a blast. The Cranney family is so much fun. 
The Handy family reunion was the week before at the albion college. I love being able to hang out with all my cousins. They are amazing. Joshua had a rough time sleeping so he was kind of cranky. We took our bikes this year and biked down from Pomerelle it was a gorgeous morning and about half way through it started to rain, so by the time we got back to the college we were soaked!!

Joshua is learning the ins and outs of internet marketing from dad. 
He's a great help pushing buttons on the keyboard.
She made it!! Great Grandma Dorthy's 100th birthday party!! She is just the cutest little old lady. Just two months prior to her birthday she was baptized into the LDS church and one month after her baptism she received special permission to go through the temple. What an amazing lady she is. It has been a spiritually growing experience for all our family.

These two will be double trouble in no time
The other day I was cutting Mike's hair and I didn't want Joshua rolling around in the hair on the ground so we put him in our drawer while I cut Mike's hair.
I think little boys look adorable in overalls, this was the best picture I could get of them both. They are developing quite the personalities. Joshua does not like to stay put so this month he as learned to roll across the room to get to what he wants. The little stinker still wakes up a lot in the night. Hopefully we can get him into some better sleeping habits when we get moved into our home.
From all the rain we have received burley looks like a different place. Everyones yard is luscious green. My parents yard especially. They have created their own little bit of heaven in their back yard. It is beautiful!!