4th of July

Mike and I went with Mike and Brittany Hoggan to watch the fireworks in St. Paul and Minneapolis. We found a good hill that over looked both of the Twin Cities' fireworks. It was beautiful. I have not been in the United States for the last four 4th of July's. I feel so privileged to be an American. We are so blessed in this country.
Brittany and I decided to do Kabobs for our 4th of July BBQ. We had the meat marinating all day. They were very tasty. We also made a yummy fruit pizza to go along with the Kabobs.
The Mikes hard at work putting together their grills.
The Girls: Brittany Hoggan, Me, Sarah Ritchie, Liz Hoffman, Keri Greer and Jessica.
The Boys: Zack Hoffman, Noel White, Mike Hoggan, Brandon Ritchie, Lucas Handy, Rob Greer, Mark, Ben, and Mike.


The Denney's said...

Hey you! I found your blog on Dulcie's...hope you don't mind. Looks like you're having lots of fun!

will jess gabbie and kensie said...

hello hill! looks like the ny vacation was fun! when do ya'll get back to rexburg? we should hang together, maybe do some more girls nights! fun fun!