Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to take a chance to tell everybody that I am so happy to be in Burley today. Hillary was supposed to work on Christmas Eve (7pm-7am) but she was put on call. What a blessing. We wouldn't have had a place to stay in Idaho Falls, the roads were horrible, and we would have been apart for most of the time. So, the best gift was to be with her and our family. Every Christmas I look back on life to see what I have learned over the past year and I have to say that I learned that the only thing that doesn't change in life is the family you have. Work may change, where you live may change, your weight will definitly change, but family is there forever. So, I am grateful for Hillary and our future baby, followed by our extended family from that point. They have been for me there and I hope to return the favor.


Brandon said...

I am glad Hillary did not have to work. It sounds like you two are doing well. Tell Hillary hi for me and I am getting super anxious to see what that little tyke of yours is going to look like!

Randy and Sheila Martineau said...

Merey Christmas and happy new year you two!

Syd n Adam said...

It was fun seeing you guys last week at the wedding! Good luck with the pregnancy!

gizcallyomom said...

Mike and Hillary,
I read Mike's post on the blog Richie made and did a little searching/stalking ;) and was able to find you guys. I LOVE the wedding picture at the top of your blog. BEAutiful! AND what is this about a little munchkin on the way?!!! My, how time goes by so fast. Congrats on all these wonderful things!!!!
Mike the apartment you mentioned would be such a blessing please let me know if that would be an option. I know my parents and I know they wouldn't ask and it would be hard to get them to accept but it really REALLY would be a HUGE blessing for them.
Please let me know and if anything just the thought and your wonderful words of support is wonderful and has meant the world. Thank you.