It has been a very interesting time since graduation. Hill and I have been preparing for an addition to the family, we moved to Burley, and I started a business. The company is called Nifty Marketing and I basically build web pages for companies in towns around Idaho and Utah and then advertise there company online for them in the area that they do business. It is going really well with help of a few friends. My first client was SYS Storage in Layton, Utah. Clayton Handy manages the place and refered me to their owner. Then, Chad Henkel got me in touch with Yellowstone Bear World to run their blog and marketing. So far, so good, and there is a lot more in the works. I built a web page for my company and though it needs work...I just needed to get it up and running before I get to busy. You can check it out at www.theniftyway.com I want to thank my friends who have helped me out thus far and I will return the favor!


Stephen said...

Hey Mikey, Thanks for hooking us up with a cool, or should I say NIFTY, website too! Hope it all works out. Keep up the good work

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Congrats on the company. Sounds like you and Hill are doing well. Thanks for the update. We look forward to seeing what little Joshua looks like when he comes out!