October Update

Joshua was a dragon for Halloween. He loved watching the trick- or treaters come to the door.
He watched through the window the whole time.
Mike was Swine Flu for halloween and I dressed up as the sick one.

The other day I heard a lot of noise coming from the kitchen and I found Joshua in our oven drawer banging the fry pans together. This last month he has discovered how to open and close things. He also got really discouraged while trying to keep a book open. It kept closing on him and he could not figure out why.

Joshua is teaching Tyler how to bang on the window. If he gets on his tippy toes he can reach the window.

Tiffany came over the other day with Veva who is three months old now.
Here is what Joshua did:

First: He asked permission from the mom

 Then he slowly made his move in to get closer  

At last he softly landed a big kiss on Veva.
The funny thing was he did this over and over. He showered Veva with kisses.

Now they are inseparable

Double trouble already!!
They spilled a jar of oats and then they thought it was their job to spread it all over the floor.


Well we have been in our house for almost five months and just last weekend we finally put in pantry shelves. I love them. I was getting so tired of stacking everything on the floor. But now we have wonderful shelves and I've never been so excited about shelves before in my life.

Are these boys related or what!!
Joshua went everywhere with this flower it was his favorite toy for the month of October.

Look at those beautiful eyelashes


Abby Rae said...

Wow, Joshua is such a good looking kid! :) He has changed so much recently it seems like! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas time...I have a feeling Joshua, Gracie and Nixon will have a fun time together! :)

Randy and Sheila Martineau said...

Beautiful Home! I really want to to come and visit you guys. I miss you.

Troy and Brittany said...

I love how he was kissing Veva! That is so adorable!

Hank and Stacy Toone said...

HAHAHA!!! The picture with the flower...Joshua and Mike look EXACTLY alike...their exact same facial expression...that's precious! So funny! I can't believe how big Joshua is! It doesn't seem that long ago I met you when you were still pregnant with him!

HayHay said...

I can't believe how much Joshua looks like like in that picture of them together!! THey are pulling the exact same face!! Wow like father like son... so cute! These pictures are pricless. I know if we lived closer Josh and Jake could be partners in crime. I hope to see you guys over the holidays!

Rochelle said...

Cute pics! Joshua is so cute! And he sure does have long eyelashes! That's a Handy trait right there! Miss ya! Maybe I need to surprise visit you so that the flu doesn't surprise you first.

kcmhubbard said...

He's such a doll! Love that he's a little gentlemen!He's adorable, cant wait to meet the little guy!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Yes! We will be in Burley for Thanksgiving and Walla Walla for Christmas. Joshua is growing super fast. I love the Halloween costume and I love the bathtime picture! He definitely does look very much like Mike (I think). I want to see a picture of you and Mike's costumes!

Anonymous said...

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Cari or Mitch Johnson said...

OH how we miss you guys. I can't believe how much Joshua has changed since we saw you last. AND HOLY cow he looks like his Daddy. Love ya!