End of May Update

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and all we wanted to do was play outside so Dax Greener introduced us all to a new game called Bocce. We all met in the park that is in the middle of our apartments and played Bocce, bad mitten, volleyball and soccer. It was a blast. All the little neighborhood kids swarmed to us and wanted to play with us as well so if you see some unfamiliar faces in the pictures it is the neighbor kids. Lucas decided to come sell with us. It is so much fun to have him around. He is preparing to go to graduate school in the fall at BYU.
The object of Bocce is to throw your ball closest to the small yellow ball.
Pictured below is Lucas, Steve Ritchie, Brandon and Sarah Ritchie, Mike and Brittany Hoggan, Ben Downer, Mike and I, and Dax Greener.
On memorial day we all went to the Minnesota Zoo. Unfortunately this is the only picture we took because our camera ran out of batteries. The highlights from the zoo included, a dolphin show with 4 dolphins, it was not quite sea world but pretty good for Minnesota, we also went to a bird show and then spent a good chuck of time watching wolverines battle. I have never been to a zoo in the spring time but I think from now on I will only go in the spring time because the animals are way more active and entertaining. Plus there are a lot of baby animals.


chartie said...

We love bocce! I'm sure if it wasn't so heavy, Chris would have tried to pack our set on the plane with us!

deidra said...

Sorry, that was me-- not Chris!

Rochelle said...

I have played that game once before and it is a lot of fun!

Abby Rae and Jared McKell....... said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun time! You must be the most popular couple in town to all the neighbor kids :) We also love bocce, but when we play the boys always win because they throw the little yellow ball so FAR! :)

Kelsey & Dan said...

Hello Hillary and Mike. Man it looks like you are having a blast this summer! Congratulations on graduating this last April. I didn't know you were that close, actually maybe i did! But anyway, how nice is that!

HayHay said...

Hillary my dear!
I LOVE looking at your new pictures. I love your hair. It looks like you and Mike are having a great time there. I bet you are making lots of good memories. We've gotten into Bocce this summer too! Kam's cousin has it, so we borrow it and play it all the time. We brought it home once and now my family is addicted. My dad is getting a set for Father's Day. Itgets pretty intense playing it :) I got your message, and I saved it because I need to call you back. I miss you big time, and I want to catch up with you. I love ya!! I will talk to ya soon!

P.S. you are getting really good at blogging!