Lovin' Life

The other day I was writing e-mails and Mike was reading scriptures on the couch about ten minutes later he was sound asleep. I loved that he feel asleep with his scriptures standing upright. He is so adorable.
Everything is extremely green in Minnesota. I love the climate here. In every neighborhood there is a nice lovely pond or lake. Now I know why Minnesota is the state of 10,000 lakes. Lakes are everywhere.
The other weekend we went to a Minnesota Twins baseball game vs. the Boston Red Sox. Considering I do not understand a thing about baseball it wasn't to bad. We had a great time.
Our apartments are built between two ponds. There are geese everywhere with goslings so we decided to chase the goslings and momma and papa goose kept hissing at us. We decided to finally leave them alone but they are so cute.
Brandon and Sarah Ritchie found a turtle and brought it over for Mike. We named him Nerdle the turtle. He lived in our bath tub for a day then we moved his to a cardboard box. After a few days of staving Nerdle we felt bad and let him go in our pond.


Rochelle said...

Yea! New pics. You guys look like you're having a blast in Minnesota! You two are a super adorable couple! :) Can't wait to see you, soon!

Troy and Brittany said...

Oh a turtle! How cute! I hope things are going well!

Dulcie said...

Found your cute blog!!! YOu can see ours at www.theclaytonfam.blogspot.com. How are you liking Minnesota? Whats the weather like, when you said land of 10,000 lakes my hair shuddered. I hope you are having a good time. How do you like selling?

InALittleMinute said...

Im origninally from MN, now living in Australia.. stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi!
Enjoy the beautiful MN summers!