Joshua's blessing

What a wonderful day. Joshua was blessed today. Mike gave a beautiful blessing and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting. He explained how we choose our son's name. When I was on my mission and felt inspired to name my first son Joshua, Mike asked why that name. I just knew it needed to be his name. Mike then decided to read in the old testiment and read all about Joshua. He had to know more about the person if that was the name we were going to give our son. When he was done reading the old testiment he knew Joshua was a good name after a very righteous person. We gave our son the middle name of Robert after Mike's grandpa, who had influenced his life and was the father figure for him. Robert was a man of service and devotion. He loved to help in the community and treasured his family. We are so happy to have Joshua as a part of our family. His sweet spirit fills our lives with happiness. He is a joy. I am grateful for the gospel in our life. I could never raise a family without it. I'm know I can recieve relation to help me know how to raise our sweet little boy. The gospel is true! Families are forever.

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